2019 Executive Members

Front Row Left to Right: Jean Estabrooks, Linda Trenholm, Joan Richardson, Jane Jones

Back Row Left to Right: Audrey Hicks, Eileen Smith, Linda Tingley

 “1918: Don’t Worry, Rejoice!” was held in the Motyer-Fancy Theatre of the Purdy Crawford Center for the Arts, on the campus of Mount Allison University. The first performance took place on Nov. 6th and the second took place at 3:00 p.m. on November 11th. “1918: Don’t Worry, Rejoice!” is the fifth in a series of five performances provided through the “Allisonians at War” project. The past four annual performances have also focused on WWI, from its beginning in 1914, to the year 1917; this year’s production allows the audience to travel back in time to 1918, a time described by director, Alex Fancy, as one of  “...anxiety, hope and despair, when victory seemed so near, and yet so far.”

During the verbatim theatre performance, several dramatic readings by students and community members will channel the voices of the Tantramar and beyond through news releases from local newspapers of 1918. Both music and song promise to add to the commemoration of this historical time.

Each year for the past five years, the cast and participants of the “Allisonians at War” project have generously chosen to donate all proceeds from the performances to a deserving organization. This year, the Auxiliary of the Sackville Memorial Hospital is the fortunate recipient! The members of the auxiliary are most grateful for this very kind gesture. Donations will be put to their best use by the Auxiliary's membership, which goes without saying from an organization that has been active in providing solutions to health care needs in the Tantramar Region since its conception in 1945. Please note that there is no admission cost for attending this event. If possible, a free will offering is asked of its audience members.

Alex Fancy, Margaret Fancy, the cast, and workers from behind-the-scenes of this moving performance, along with members of the Auxiliary of the Sackville Memorial Hospital, look forward to seeing you in the theatre of the Purdy Crawford Center for the Arts for a matinee performance at 3:00 p.m. on Remembrance Day, November 11th.

This is a important time when every year, we are all invited to Remember. Allow the performance of “1918: Don’t Worry, Rejoice!” to transport you back to an era when those at war, and at home, endured whatever was necessary in a quest to secure the freedoms we are still all afforded today. After five long years at war, and the unfathomable loss of human life, they were finally able to rejoice in victory! 

Sackville Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Assists The Drew Nursing Home

Linda Shannon of Drew Nursing Home receiving cheque of $6,000.00 from Anne Geddes President of Sackville Memorial Hospital Auxiliary

Auxiliary Gifts SMH Laboratory Refrigeration Unit 


Sackville Memorial Hospital staff members, Allison McKellar (Lab Technologist) and Joanne Smith (Laboratory Supervisor and Technologist) stand alongside of the new Laboratory Refrigeration Unit valued at $9,570.00 and provided by the helping hands of the hospital Auxiliary.

Photo by Linda Smith McCormack



by Maxine Roness; SMHA PR Committee


Reflecting upon the achievements of 2017, all are in agreement that the Sackville Memorial Hospital Auxiliary (SMHA) worked diligently to accomplish an on-going mandate of helping support health care within the Tantramar area. The year of 2017 marked the seventy-second year since the auxiliary's first meeting of citizens who wished to support a hospital of their own.


During 2017, a few new members were welcomed as they joined the Auxiliary. As is the case for all of its members, every person’s perspective and input serves to enhance what the organization accomplishes for the community. All are welcome.


Many people who join the SMH Auxiliary remain devoted for decades on end. In 2017, the SMHA said a fond goodbye to member, Jean MacAuley, who passed away two months after her 100th birthday. She will be remembered for her helping hand and continued support of the Auxiliary's work. To her family, the Auxiliary salutes Jean as being a very special member of the SMHA. Another long-time and valued member, Vivian Hicks, was wished much luck as she moved to Ontario to be closer to family. The Auxiliary wishes her well and thanks her for her devotion to its cause. Vivian was formerly thanked during a tea that honoured her many years as a member of SMHA. Reaching out to its past and present members is important to SMHA. Personal correspondence on occasions such as birthday celebrations, well-wishes at times of illness, and expressions of sympathy are the role of the Corresponding Secretary, while another committee often connects in person or by phone call with those who may be alone, of ill health, or unable to attend meetings. In addition to the tradition of Lifetime Membership pins which are presented to those who have at least one decade of service, the Auxiliary honours each and every member for the commitment made to the membership and its work.     


Monthly meetings of the SMHA fall on the second Thursday of each month, with the exception of July and August. A dedicated committee makes sure to keep members aware of meetings, fundraisers, and other activities pertaining to the Auxiliary. Prospective new members of the SMHA are encouraged to attend a meeting to get a better sense of the Auxiliary's membership and endeavours.


As is tradition, during 2017 the Past-President arranged for guest speakers to make presentations during monthly meetings on an array of topics that in turn help the membership attain a better understanding of the local health care system and its needs. Many interesting speakers were hosted, beginning in February (as January is reserved for the AGM) with Lesley Smith, Executive Director of the Atlantic Wellness Centre spoke to the Auxiliary regarding the evident need for available counselling services within Sackville's schools. In March, Mark Casey, Financial Advisor for CIBC-Wood Gundy, provided the Auxiliary with an update on SMHA's financial status and investments. In April, Linda Shannon, Executive Director of the Drew Nursing Home, spoke about the various programs available at the Drew. At the end of Ms. Shannon's update, a donation of $6000 was presented for the Drew Nursing Home. With a new mental health initiative in mind, the monthly of May hosted TRHS Principal, Susan Lafford, and TRHS Guidance Counsellor, Mark Bohan, who reported on the current counselling resources available at the high school; moreover, the need for funding of additional professional help in the area of student mental health was emphasized. In June, the Auxiliary members enjoyed a lovely closing luncheon held at St. Anne’s Anglican Church, where entertainment and a heart-felt dissertation made by the Auxiliary's own, Pauline Atkinson, was enjoyed by all. Pauline treated the membership to her gift of story-telling, recalling several experiences of the Auxiliary through the years, including some of the successes she enjoyed and challenges she faced as a thirty-year member of the SMHA. Yes indeed, thirty years! The Auxiliary had to forgo the September guest due to illness. In October, the guest speaker was Nancy Burridge, Director of Nursing at the Westford Nursing Home in Port Elgin. Ms. Burridge enlightened the membership with what was happening in the nursing home. Following her report, Ms. Burridge was presented with a cheque of $6000 for the Westford. In November, SMH staff member, Barbara Duplessis, RN, spoke of her experiences in the field of nursing. Barbara also thanked the Auxiliary for the funding she had received to attend professional development opportunities, thereby increasing her knowledge of patient care. The Auxiliary is most grateful to the presenters of 2017 for their gift of time and knowledge.


Auxiliary members are always encouraged to attend different events as well as the meetings of provincial committees. In April, the Auxiliary President attended the Volunteer Dinner held in Moncton. In June of 2017, two members attended the AGM of the New Brunswick Association of Hospital Auxiliaries (NBAHA) held in Miramichi. As a representative of the Auxiliary, the President also attended the AGM of the SMH Foundation. The attendance of various meetings enables the membership awareness of what is happening within the community in terms of aiding health care, as well as what other auxiliaries are doing to assist their hospitals and beyond.


The Auxiliary's tradition of endeavouring to elevate areas of health care within the Tantramar Region means it relies on the generosity of people. Some people choose to make a donation to the SMHA Memorial Fund; others purchase items from the hospital's Gift Shop, and many continue to show support through attendance of fundraisers. Generosity like this makes achieving many SMHA goals possible.


The Auxiliary is appreciative of those who chose to make donations in a number of ways and for a variety of reasons during 2017. Donations can be made to the Auxiliary's Memorial Fund for any number of reasons, some of which might be in tribute to the passing of a loved one; in acknowledgement of a memorable event; as a gift in celebration of a birthday, anniversary, or achievement, and there are a host of ideas beyond that. Such donations remain of great importance to the Auxiliary's financial resources. Making a donation can now be done in one of two ways: in person by visiting the hospital Gift Shop, as is the traditional method, and now, thanks to the new SMHA website, www.smhaux.ca, on-line donations are possible, proving to be of convenience for many people.


Many volunteers and a devotion of time to the hospital Gift Shop continued to be invaluable in 2017. Many people from the community remain intrigued by the uniqueness of the clothing, accessories, and numerous gift items available, enticing visitors to browse through the shop in quest of something special. The generosity of its volunteers enables the Gift Shop to achieve the goal of being open on a regular basis. The summer of 2017 proved successful, in part by being able to hire a student for ten weeks through a SEED Grant. 


The Fundraising Committee held three fundraisers in 2017, all of which helped to generate funds for the Auxiliary to then put toward health care needs. A Morning Coffee Party took place on April 18th during which Gerry Hannah donated his time and talents to entertain everyone by playing many well-known pieces on the piano. Net proceeds from the coffee party were $475.48, and all who participated had a wonderful time. A second event was held on September 14th, the Tantramar Veterans Memorial Civic Centre Musical Jamboree. This event was held in conjunction with the Annual Fall Fair; therefore, by being part of their program during the Fair, both the rental of the Civic Centre space and all advertising were free of charge. Several individuals and groups were invited to participate in the Jamboree, all of whom were pleased to help SMHA fundraise by donating their time and talents. A 50/50 draw was also held during the musical evening, culminating in a total of $1316.50 raised during this event. Through the generosity of one citizen, a lovely quilt was donated to SMHA which allowed the Fundraising Committee to sell tickets for the coveted prize. Each fundraising event helps generate funds, but also keeps the public informed of the importance and activity of the Sackville Memorial Hospital Auxiliary.


The Auxiliary has always taken the responsibility inherent in receiving donations very seriously. The SMHA Treasurer's financial reports of 2017 were delivered during monthly meetings and investment reports were also made known to all members. These assured the membership of maintaining the funds necessary to do its work, but also of the safe and secure investments that have been made, despite constantly changing markets. From there, informed expenditures by the Auxiliary take place.


The SMHA considers itself very fortunate to receive its financial resources from the public, whether that be smaller sums of income generated from Gift Shop purchases; participation in fundraisers, and donations to the Memorial Fund - or through larger sums of money gifted by individuals who, upon their passing, so generously choose to include the SMH Auxiliary in their final wishes. In turn, investments are made. Some of the funds received go directly back to the public in the form of equipment purchases, donations to various health care facilities and initiatives, educational opportunities for staff, scholarships and bursaries for local graduates, and a number of other means through which the SMHA can enhance health care. When redistributing its financial resources, the Auxiliary always deems of high priority the purchase of hospital equipment. In 2017, the Auxiliary was pleased to approve a total of $35,069.69 in equipment purchases requested by different areas of the hospital.


Another method through which the Auxiliary chooses to enhance local health care is through various donations. For example, in 2017, the SMHA donated $6000 to each of the two nursing homes: the Drew in Sackville and the Westford in Port Elgin. These endowments enable these two facilities to attain much needed resources.


Each spring, bursaries and scholarships are also awarded to deserving graduates after careful consideration by the Audrey Sawdon Memorial Fund Committee. These awards are granted to deserving students graduating from Tantramar Regional High School in pursuit of health-care related, post-secondary studies. The 2017 recipients were Emily Fields, Olivia Tower, and Hannah Walton. Emily Fields received a $1500 bursary; she studies at Oulton’s College with the goal of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse. Olivia Tower also received a $1500 bursary. She is enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts and Science program at St. FX with the intention of working in the area of health care. Hannah Walton received a $2000 scholarship to enter the Bachelor of Nursing program at St. FX. In September, another $1500 was approved for a mature student entering the Paramedic Program. As always, the SMH Auxiliary is pleased to be able to assist these students with their educational needs.


The Audrey Sawdon Memorial Fund Committee also sees that staff members of the hospital are given funding for professional development opportunities. In 2017, $4000 was donated to help staff further their education, no less stay current, by participating in courses and workshops relative to their field of expertise.


Also in 2017, a new committee was formed to discuss the mental health needs present within the community of schools, and to that end, how the Auxiliary could offer financial assistance. With a keen partnership established and an exciting initiative in place, the Auxiliary approved an initial commitment of $17,000. This amount allowed for the funding of a counsellor for Tantramar Regional High School students with mental health concerns. This initiative saw its beginnings with a commitment of funding a counsellor for one year, serving TRHS one day per week. With significant successes already noted, and with no intention for this initiative to end, the Auxiliary looks to the future development of this program with much hope. The SMHA invites individuals within our community and beyond, businesses, as well as other service groups, to join SMHA's goal to financially provide for more funding of more hours of counselling services. The Auxiliary is pleased to fund this critically important area of health care for TRHS students who come from each of the schools in the Tantramar Region. It welcomes all to consider giving to this worthy cause, thus enabling mental wellness for our teens; the continued growth of this mental health initiative, and in the long-term, an overall benefit to the future.     


Also in 2017, the Archives Committee continued to work diligently to maintain an accurate account of all SMHA business through its Archives department. It houses artifacts, photographs, reports, minutes from all meetings, and many other documents, all of which means referencing  SMHA's past is easily done on any given occasion. Archives also acts as a means of celebrating the past - just as the membership does the present and future of its organization. The display case located adjacent to the front doors of the hospital is maintained by the Archives Committee. It holds many treasures, one of which is a photograph of three of the most recent recipients of scholarships and bursaries. An updated list of all SMH Auxiliary Presidents since 1945 can also be seen there, as well as other plaques, documents, and photographs. 


For some time, the Auxiliary has discussed the idea of developing a website. After much consideration, a committee was formed, and the goals of the website were established. During 2017, Sackville's David Jones generously donated a noteworthy amount of time needed to establish the new website. He continues to offer his services in order to maintain its many updates, while also personally funding its operation as a site, as he did last year as well. The Auxiliary is most grateful to David. With much work, a variety of ideas, a healthy dose of creativity, and an overall commitment to an important initiative, the culmination is an effective and user-friendly website. The Auxiliary invites the public to regularly visit www.smhaux.ca as a convenient way of staying up-to-date on the past, current, and future activity of the Auxiliary of the SMH.


In 2017, the Public Relations Committee continued to achieve the goal of increasing awareness of the Auxiliary's work within the Tantramar community; keeping the public informed of evident needs within local health care; inviting new membership, and of course, celebrating SMHA's achievements. The newly created website, photographs, and news releases are just some of the means through which the PR Committee continues to keep the people of the Tantramar area and beyond current in their knowledge of the Auxiliary. As always, the Auxiliary appreciates the Tribune Post for its kind support by publishing news releases, such as this annual review, as just one example.  


From 2017 to the current work of 2018, it is onward and upward for the Auxiliary of the SMH! With a reputation built upon seventy-three years of devotion from a cohesive and efficient membership, it is certain to continue its endeavour to provide for health care needs within the Tantramar Community.  

Auxiliary of the SMH Continues to Supply Needed Equipment


by Linda Smith McCormack


As has been the proud tradition since 1945, the Auxiliary of the Sackville Memorial Hospital provides for many health care needs within the Tantramar Region. Knowing the community and beyond directly benefit from its donations helps fulfill the Auxiliary's mission. 


In 2017, the helping hands of the SMH Auxiliary's Request and Research Committee, continued the practice of regularly collecting "Wish Lists" from the various departments of the Sackville Memorial Hospital. True to their mandate, much research and discussion followed each and every request. The committee then made proposals to the Auxiliary Membership during monthly meetings to approve purchases totalling $35,096.69 in equipment needs alone. 


While the collection of "Wish Lists" is already underway for 2018, the following is a list of equipment purchases approved in 2017:

Refrigeration Unit intended for use in the Laboratory = $9,570.00

Teaching Tools for CPR Certification for use by staff and class participants = $1,362.10

Vital Signs Monitor for use in Brunswick West = $4,330.30

Treatment Table for use by the Physiotherapy Department = $1,995.00

Airvo 2 Kit for use in the Emergency Department =$2,550.00

Cutting Instruments for use in Day Surgery =$15,289.29


Total Expenditures on Equipment: $35,096.69


By January 1st of 2018, only two items remained on the "Wish Lists", and that was only because the committee was awaiting quotes from various suppliers. Both items requested were deemed replacement items and neither were considered to be of an urgent nature.


As is always the case, the Auxiliary's generosity extends far beyond equipment purchases, ranging  from scholarships to donations to local nursing homes to financially providing staff members with opportunities for Professional Development to the latest initiative of funding counselling services for students at TRHS with mental health concerns - these are to name just a few of the ways the Auxiliary intends to continue to enhance health care for the citizens of the Tantramar Region.  

2018 Sackville Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Executive Announced


The 2018 SMHA Executive is announced with much gratitude for their commitment to the continued service provided by the Sackville Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. 

Pictured Left to Right/Front Row: Ann Geddes (President), Jean Estabrooks (Recording Secretary); Middle Row: Shirley Smith (Corresponding Secretary), Jane Jones (Treasurer, Co-Chair Memorial Fund, Co-Chair Audrey Sawdon Memorial Fund); Back Row: Eileen Smith (Co-Chair Memorial Fund), Linda Trenholm (Gift Shop Treasurer), Linda Tingley (Past-President)


Missing from Photo: Joan Richardson (Gift Shop Manager); Audrey Hicks (Co- Chair Audrey Sawdon Memorial Fund)


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